Story of Lauhala, The


Edna Williamson Stal

Softcover, 63 pp.

Starting with the legends and history of the pandanus tree, this valuable book covers a broad range of information from a description of the hala tree and its many uses to instructions for the weaving of lauhala products made from the leaf.

The ancient Hawaiians made numerous items for daily use, from floor mats to sails, food baskets to beds. Directions for cleaning and preparing the leaves for weaving are included, along with tips for the care and preservation of lauhala. An interesting chapter on lauhala products shows the many uses of woven lauhala. Also included is a chapter on the Hawaiian names for the different parts of the hala tree, along with the uses of these various parts. This book covers everything that the curious reader needs to know to gain an appreciation for this useful tree and its versatile products.