Nā Mea Hawaiʻi is a place with pride and respect for Hawaiians and Hawaiian culture. Because of this pride and respect, we want to share information about culture, language and traditions with those who are interested in learning. We include ourselves in this learning process.

We accomplish this organizational purpose in a variety of ways:

Through the sales and distribution of books and educational materials focused primarily on nā mea Hawaiʻi, things having to do with Hawaiʻi. We also support local producers, farmers, small businesses and makers of all kinds, by selling what they make here in the Islands.  We also are part of a network of people who carry the continuity of culture through traditional means, in contemporary settings. These artisans use materials and methods that have always been in our Islands, nā mea Hawaiʻi wale nō.

By assisting every person who contacts us for information. We are here to assist, to share our knowledge and grow our understanding.  We have made it a priority to help each person get to a source of knowledge for the information they need, through books, people, mele, experiences, we want to be a place that offers Native Knowledge Exchange regardless of the sales outcome. A Hawaiian concept of service.

Through the examples we set–in the way we conduct business and in the way we work we work with one another–we create a business environment of collaborative and shared effort and concern for one another and our community

    A Hawaiian place of business. Welina mai!




    If you would like to explore our largest selection of Hawaiian and Pacific Islands reads, please visit us at Native Books at Arts & Letters in Chinatown.

    We will continue to carry popular titles, both in 'Ōlelo Hawaiʻi and English at Nā Mea Hawaiʻi. However, you can visit us at Native Books if you would like to discover over 2500+ titles, new and old.