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Nā Mea Hawai'i, translated as "all things Hawaiian," is devoted to showcasing the work of local artists and crafters from the Hawaiian Islands, in particular Native Hawaiian artists. We have the largest selection of Hawaiian and Pacific Island books here and at our sister location in Chinatown, Native Books at Arts & Letters.

Supporting Local Makers

Made in Hawaiʻi Artists

When you come to Nā Mea Hawaiʻi, we hope you find something new to love when shopping goods created by local artists in Hawaiʻi, from towels to homemade natural skincare, local foods, beautiful koa wood bowls, and more.

From the people
Amazing books, clothes, and gifts. Everything is high quality and the products are well curated. If you're trying to learn more about Hawaii during your travels, come to this spot and check out their collection of books on the nation's history.
Beautiful store and wonderful service every time I have visited. I love supporting a small business, especially a bookstore like Na Mea. This is a precious store that sells not only beautiful books written by Native Hawaiian authors, but also beautiful items. Thank you, Na Mea.

Bete Muʻu

Bete Mu'u has been nurtured as a family business for more than 60 years. This family tradition continues with sisters Nola and Linda who continue to maintain and honor the classic "Bete Mu'umu'u" look of the traditional Hawaiian muʻumuʻu.
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David Shepard

David Shepard Hawai’i aloha shirts tell stories about native Hawaiian flora and fauna visually on fabric and literally on tags, and they change how those wearing the clothing see themselves and are seen by others.
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Nakeʻu Awai

Dancer. Fashion Designer. Native Hawaiian. His collection of unique hand silk-screened Island designs showcases his love for “Things Hawaiian.” From runway to casual aloha wear, find a style for you.
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Shop Tutuvi

A tropical design collection of screen printed fabric, clothing, and interior furnishings inspired by the plants, sea life, and material cultures of Hawaiʻi, designed by Colleen Kimura.


Join us for weekly classes at Kīpuka to learn how to weave lauhala, create beautiful featherworks, join a kōnane board game challenge, string lei and and more.

For questions regarding workshops or sign-up,
please contact kipuka@nameahawaii.com

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