Reflections in Stone and Bronze: Exploring Hawai‘i’s History & Culture Through Sculpture


Statues are very much in the news today and the center of a national debate over who gets honored and what that says about our society. Reflections in Stone and Bronze looks through the lens of Hawai‘i’s statues to explore sixty historical figures, their ties to Hawai‘i’s history and culture, and how their values and accomplishments are memorialized.

Statue subjects fall into four categories: royal, religious & spiritual, music & entertainment, and national & international figures. Each sculpture is a story unto itself and serves as part of the fabric of the body of sculptures. Individually and collectively, the statues form a portal into the lives and communities of Hawai‘i and a unique sense of place. 

The reader is invited to browse at their leisure. Well-researched text complimented by photographs and illustrations explain the subjects’ lives and times and the relationships between major figures. Statue sponsors are identified and the intentions of the artists revealed. 

Throughout the book, stories are shared, challenges and controversies are unveiled, and a fascinating web of past and present is created sure to delight the reader, whether a long-time kama‘āina or a newcomer to the island.

Cheryl D. Soon

Softcover, 288 pp.

Photography by Renea Gavrilov Stewart