Puakenikeni Pin

Puakenikeni or Fagraea Berteroana was introduced to Hawaiʻi around the 1930's. It is known for its abundance of flowers and beautiful aroma. Puakenikeni was sold for 10 cents, from which it received its name, ("pua" meaning flower, and "kenikeni" meaning dime).

The puakenikeni tree can grow an average of 13 feet tall, with a quite skinny trunk and branches that grow green blunt leaves. The flowers of the puakenikeni are easily bruised and must be handled delicately when picking and stringing leis. The color of the flowers can go from a creamy white in the morning, a golden yellow mid day, and orange in the afternoon, which grow from bulbous stalks attached to the tree branches.

Soft Enamel Pin
Metal Clasp Backing
1 inch