TOS - Puʻulei and the Everyday Rainbows


Crissy Miyake

Hardcover, 24 pp.

Puʻulei is a young pueo (Hawaiian Owl) growing up on the island of Oʻahu near the Diamond Head crater with her daddy pueo. One day while Puʻulei and her dad are getting ready for the day she realizes her dad always is busy and rushing. Puʻulei on her way to school with her dad shows her dad to pay attention to the positive surroundings around them that create a unique everyday rainbow. Puʻulei and The Everyday Rainbow demonstrates the importance of seeing the unique beauty in our lives, just the way it is. Puʻulei and The Everyday Rainbow is a story for young readers that teaches the concept of mindful appreciation, or mindful gratitude. Through the story, children will learn to appreciate everyday life while bringing focus, awareness to our immediate environment and challenges us to see every day in a new way.