Paniolo Pineapple Cocktail Kits

Paniolo Pineapple
Named for the Paniolo, our Hawaiian cowboy.

Fire Roasted Pineapple ∙ Orange ∙ Turbinado Cane Sugar ∙ Bitters

The Paniolo Pineapple infusion pairs beautifully with bourbon or a gold sipping-rum. 
The rich flavors of the fire-roasted pineapple and raw Turbinado sugar combined with the hint of bitters and orange create a perfectly balanced cocktail. 
This infusion is best sipped on its own.
(Side note: Paniolo is a word originating from the 1800s when King Kamehameha III brought 3 Mexican-Spanish vaqueros (cowboys) to teach cattle herding skills to native Hawaiians. They were called "Espanoles" which Hawaiians pronounced as "Paniolos")

Add 16-20oz bourbon + infuse 1-3 days = Enjoy

My favorite way to serve (but not the only way)

This is the only infusion I don't strain the fruit out of. It gets better with time.

2 oz Paniolo Pineapple-infused bourbon (I love Bulleit bourbon)