Naupaka Microfiber Towel



Naupaka, born an ali‘i, was forbidden to marry anyone who was not of noble birth and was overwhelmingly saddened when she fell in love with a fisherman named Kaui. The lovers built a heiau to ask the gods for permission.  No sign was given and their love was forbidden. As they parted ways forever and said their goodbyes, she took a white flower from her haku (head lei) and tore it, handing to him half. Naupaka returns to the mountains where she grew up and Kaui, the fisherman returns to the sea, becoming naupaka kuahiwi and naupaka kahakai.


Made from absorbent light-weight suede microfiber that's impossibly soft to the touch yet extremely durable and fast drying, these stylish, microbe resistant, 100% suede microfiber towels are sand-resistant, a great way to dry off after a morning surf session, a hard workout at the gym, working in the field, staying dry on the snow slopes or a simple topper for your yoga mat. Towels are sized at 72" by 30".