Mamalani Hoano Facial Powder


A great translucent facial powder for softening pores, absorbing excess oils and providing anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin.   Perfect for all skin tones.  Doubles as a finishing powder that maintains a satin smooth finish that keeps pores and uneven surface texture concealed. Melts into skin and perfectly matches any skin tone, providing an "invisible" matte look. Can be used as a setting powder and improves the finish of foundation and makeup wear.

Sandalwood, one of the main trees that once populated most of the islands is making a comeback with efforts by Haloa Aina. We add in sustainably grown Hawaiian Sandalwood for its powerful grounding and smoothing abilities and Lavender for its anti-aging benefits.

Ingredients: Bentonite clay, Organic Arrowroot, Hawaiian Sandalwood Powder and Hawaiian Sandalwood and Lavender Essential Oil.

1 oz.