Mamaki Peppermint Tea

Minty and robust, the peppermint leaves a cooling sensation on the mouth. The mamaki balances the strong mint flavor, creating a fuller and milder cup. The light, refreshing finish is likened to the delicate mist of Waimea on Hawaii Island.
24 Tea Bags
0 Sugar - 0 Carbs - 0 Calories

Mamaki is the Hawaiian nettle endemic to Hawaii. Traditionally it is made with the leaves of the plant and was used for relaxation and aided in overall health.

Peppermint leaves are refreshing and known to increase alertness and help with digestion.
Brew Instructions

1. Pour hot water (not boiling) into your favorite mug
 into the mug
3. Let tea steep for at least 10 minutes. If you like your tea stronger, you can let it steep more!
4. Once it's at its desired strength, your tea is ready to enjoy!