Lush Lavender Mango Butter Deodorant


Coconut oil + mango butter is a powerhouse moisturizing duo.  They carry antibacterial properties that effectively zap underarm odor.  Our gentle formula promotes an alkaline environment that reduces unwanted bacteria and promotes dryness.  This was our brand’s first creation; our recipe been tested and perfected by friends and family over many years!  100% pure essential oils have neutralizing antibacterial properties for an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.  You can wear it with white, too!

You armpits work so hard to release toxins.  What you apply ON your skin also goes IN your body.   We use nature’s real ingredients to allow this sensitive area complete confidence!  Protect future earth with a zero-waste natural deodorant hand poured with non-GMO ingredients and responsible beeswax.  This creamy push-pop tube is sure to keep you dry and crisp under the sun and moon.