Kānehūnāmoku : A Story of Old Hawaii


By Dietrich Varez
Paperbound, 64 pages

In a peaceful seaside village lived a resourceful girl, Lehua, and her companion, a piglet named 'Ehu. After their home is struck by drought and famine they find themselves swept away across the sea to the hidden island, Kanehanamoku, home of the gods, Kane and Kanaloa. In a series of encounters orchestrated by the gods, Lehua’s kindness, bravery, and selflessness are rewarded and provide an example for all to follow. The villagers rejoice when the duo return and are overjoyed with the wondrous gifts they bear.

Author and artist, Dietrich Varez, has drawn upon decades of study to create imagery depicting Hawaiian folklore and has lovingly hand lettered the text. The simple line drawings are perfect for coloring, however this is much more than a coloring book. Using his original characters, Lehua and 'Ehu, he has interwoven classic Hawaiian tales into the narrative and provides inspiration to further explore the vast, rich lore of the ancient Hawaiians.