Kalo Tee



Nā 'Āpana O Ke Kalo. In Hawai‘i, kalo is so much more than a primary food source. To kanaka maoli, this canoe plant is the source of life. Each part of the plant has a name and had a purpose, whether for planting, eating or even as fertilizer for future kalo.  

  • ‘A‘a‘a: Fibers in the corm
  • A‘a lau: Veins of the taro leaf
  • ‘Ao lū‘au: Unexpanded leaf blade
  • Hā: Leaf stalk
  • Huluhulu: Roots from the corm; lit. hair
  • ‘I‘o kalo : Flesh of the taro corm
  • ‘Ili kalo : Skin of the taro corm
  • Ka‘e lau: Edge of the taro leaf
  • Kōhina: Part of the taro where the corm is cut away from the top
  • Lihi māwae: Edge (lihi) of the petiole groove (māwae)
  • Lū‘au: Young taro tops
  • Mahae: Leaf indentation
  • Māwae: Petiole groove
  • ‘Ohā: Corms (cormlets) or shoots produced from the parent corm
  • Piko: Nave of leaf blade


Our tee is a soft staple t-shirt. This 60/40 cotton-poly soft tee is pre-shrunk so it will maintain its shape after washing.