Kaha‘i’s Journey


Kaha‘i’s Journey takes the reader on a path of self-discovery. It is
a coming of age story of a boy named Kaha‘i, born and raised 
in Boston Massachusetts, who reacquaints himself with his maternal grandparents living near the coast of Hakipu‘u on the island of O‘ahu.

Longing to return to Boston, Kaha‘i unwillingly accompanies his Grandpa Ahe on a full day’s adventure from the sea to the uplands of Hakipu‘u.

Little did Kaha‘i know, the path that he embarked upon with
his grandfather would be the beginning of a life-changing journey.

Through a series of interconnected events, Kaha‘i gains new insights about himself and a more profound sense of responsibility for his family and culture.

Hugh H. Dunn and Lilette A Subedi

Hardcover, 44 pp.