Hawaiian Devotional: Select Bible Verses from Ka Baibala Hemolele


Softcover, 256 pp. 

Verses in Hawaiian and English to Inspire, Comfort, Support, Encourage & Teach

Life has become challenging with the growing amount of uncertainty, the issues we deal with at work, in school, in our relationships with families and friends, and how we allocate our time. For most of us, there are more stresses.

How do we deal with this sudden change? How do we cope?
How do we keep our canoe sailing safely and smoothly over the varying seas of life? Not surprisingly, answers are close 
at hand—the Bible. The good book has always guided us in how to live and its wisdom is as valued today as ever to deal with the uncertainty, division, and insecurity we all face.

Hawaiian Devotional is a collection of over 580 scripture verses in English and Hawaiian, chosen to bring comfort, solace, advice, and encouragement. Organized by topics that affect our modern-day lives such as conflict resolution, depression, addiction, perseverance, hope, and grace, the verses serve as reminders that we are not alone and they provide a compass when guidance is needed.

Hawaiian Devotional is compact enough to accompany you while traveling, be within reach on the bedside table, and to share with others. Its verses cover a wide-range of teachings that are helpful in times of crisis, joyful in times of gratitude, and encouraging in times of doubt.