Golden Hour Hāpu‘u Tree Fern Aloha Shirt


Hāpu'u Tree Fern (Cibotium glaucum), an endemic to Hawai'i that was once found abundantly throughout the rainy valleys and mountains throughout the Hawaiian islands. They have become less common due to clearing of habitat by humans, grazing animals, as well as displacement. Hāpu'u is highly appreciated for both its beauty as an understory tree fern in the wet forests of Hawai'i and in the landscape, where it makes a great focal point in protected wet environments. This design shows a forest of hāpu'u, a vision of abundance for future generations.

Made in Hawai‘i. 100% cotton poplin. Fabric is soft, light, naturally breathable, and durable. Real coconut buttons. Print-matched left chest pocket. Button down shirt plus button on back of the collar. Limited quantity print. Designed, cut, and sewn in Hawai‘i on imported fabric. Fabric prints hand-drawn.