Flowers of Hawaiʻi


Lee Cataluna’s new book brings Hawai‘i life from the stage to the page.”

FLOWERS OF HAWAI‘I (Bamboo Ridge: Journal of Hawaii Literature and Arts, Issue #121) features scripts and photos from four plays written and produced in the last dozen years that capture various aspects of Hawai‘i life and culture infused with Cataluna’s unique brand of humor and style.

“These four collected plays also illustrate some of the power of the body of Lee Cataluna’s work from their commonalities: authentic language, strong memorable characters, effective plots, and strong narrative,” writes actor, director, and theatre educator John H.Y. Wat in his introduction which provides context and analysis for each play. Cataluna’s further introductory notes give readers insights into the inspirations for each play as well as some background and production history.

FLOWERS OF HAWAI‘I includes the title play as well as Aloha Attire, The Great Kaua‘i Train Robbery, and Uncle’s Regularly Scheduled Garage Party is Cancelled Tonight.

Lee Cataluna

Softcover, 295 pp.