Malia Mattoch McManus

Softcover, 321 pp.

As the heiress to a plantation fortune, Eliza Dawson occupies a privileged place in the opulent court of Hawaii’s King Kalakaua. But her secret plan to marry the son of an opium tycoon collapses when political crisis forces him to China. Pregnant and desperate to keep her child, Eliza must wed an opportunistic rancher on the remote island of Moloka’i.

After a devastating fire, Eliza makes a daring escape to Honolulu on the eve of the American overthrow and joins the clandestine fight to restore the Hawaiian monarchy.

When a mysterious figure from Moloka’i reveals powerful secrets, only one man can help Eliza find the truth-her first love. But soon, their search for answers threatens to unravel the life she’s rebuilt in a dramatically changed Hawai’i.

Dragonfruit is both a vivid portrait of Hawai’i in a time of historic upheaval and the story of a woman shaped by love, betrayal, and the intoxicating power of the past.