Detours: A Decolonial Guide to Hawaii


 Many people first encounter Hawai‘i through the imagination—a postcard picture of hula girls, lūʻaus, and plenty of sun, surf, and sea. While Hawaiʻi is indeed beautiful, Native Hawaiians struggle with the problems brought about by colonialism, military occupation, tourism, food insecurity, high costs of living, and climate change. In this brilliant reinvention of the travel guide, artists, activists, and scholars redirect readers from the fantasy of Hawai‘i as a tropical paradise and tourist destination toward a multilayered and holistic engagement with Hawai‘i's culture and complex history. The essays, stories, artworks, maps, and tour itineraries in Detours create decolonial narratives in ways that will forever change how readers think about and move throughout Hawaiʻi.

Editors: Hōkūlani K. Aikau, Vernadette Vicuna Gonzalez

Softcover, 432 pp.