Op - Dem Haoles: Imagining Whiteness, Hawaiian Style


Dem Haoles is an innovative and entertaining study of white privilege. Set against the backdrop of Hawaii, Dem Haoles explores how white people or haoles are portrayed and why. The exploration is guided by the concept of images or archetypes, employed to classify and dissect haole representation. Dem Haoles mines normally mundane entertainment vehicles like romantic comedies and action hero dramas and reveals that these artifacts of popular culture are more than mindless entertainment. They are in fact well camouflaged political messaging.

The focus on popular culture examined through image analysis makes Dem Haoles entertaining and informative. The examination of popular media is detailed and thorough and will evoke deep nostalgic sentiments. While the insightful analysis of images, its mechanics, and intent will provoke critical thinking. Together this combination makes Dem Haoles a unique and rewarding experience that will both invalidate old perceptions about Hawaii and ruin the simple pleasure of mindless entertainment.

Brian Gilpin

Softcover, 266 pp.