Japanese Black Lavender Bergamot Tea

Tasting Notes

A refreshing, light black tea with the uplifting, vibrant citrus flavor of bergamot. The English lavender provides a floral, woodsy aroma with a classic, but not overpowering notes of lavender.

0 Sugar - 0 Carbs - 0 Calories


Japanese Black Tea has been used to increase mental alertness and maintain a general well-being.

English lavender flowers are used to soothe and for relaxation. 

Bergamot Orange Peel is a nutritious citrus fruit. It adds a fragrant scent and flavor to the tea. Bergamot Orange is not commonly used for its juice but for itʻs essential oils.

Brew Instructions

1. Pour hot water (not boiling) into your favorite mug

2. Place 1 tea bag into the mug

3. Let tea steep for at least 10 minutes. If you like your tea stronger, you can let it steep more!

4. Once it's at its desired strength, your tea is ready to enjoy!