Kāleka Hakalama Flash Cards


Kāleka Hakalama are 2x2 inch cards printed on colored cardstock.  The set of Kāleka Hakalama contain all 90 huahakalama.  It also comes with a storage bag to hold the set of cards.    

As a mom with 4 keiki in immersion school, I got sick of making our own Hakalama flashcards out of index cards.  This was my solution (too bad I only figured it out with my 4th keiki)!  

We play match games with these cards (we match ka with kā).  When we pull a card  we say the sound.  This helps to connect auditory sound with the visual picture in a fun game.  

We put the cards together to spell words (ka + lo = kalo).  

Sometimes we use the cards as flashcards too!