Iwi Nails Hoopeepee (Camo)


He mau pepeiao ko ka iʻa. I was always told never to say you’re going fishing, because the fish will hear you. So instead we say “We going Holoholo”. This collection is inspired by the Holoholo lifestyle from Mauka to Makai. This lifestyle puts food on the table and feeds our mind and spirit - nothing beats a day in the mauna or ma kai going Holoholo! The Hoʻopeʻepeʻe (Camo) nails are for those serious about hunting, or those serious about a cute camo. With some axis horns hidden in them, this camo is perfect for both hunters and fashionable camo lovers alike!

Get a quick and long lasting ʻāina-ful manicure with these gel nail strips. Unlike typical nail strips, you cure these after application for a manicure that lasts 3-4 weeks when applied correctly.