Awapuhi Ula Ula Pin

ʻAwapuhi ʻUlaʻula or Alpine Purpurata, was introduced to Hawaiʻi around the 1930’s as an ornamental flower. Hawaiian royalty would wear leis made from red ginger for special occasions. The name ʻAwapuhi ʻUlaʻula refers to the color of the bright red flower. ʻAwapuhi meaning ginger, and ʻulaʻula meaning red.

The ʻAwapuhi plant has long shiny leaves that can grow up to 12 inches. The flower of the ʻAwapuhi can grow from 6-12 inches and range from a light pink to a dark burgundy red. The beautiful long flowers grow on a thick cane like stalk. The stalk and root rhizomes can be grounded up for medicinal purposes.

Soft Enamel Pin
Metal Clasp Backing
1.25 inches