Aunty Leiʻs Mauirita Cocktail Kits


Aunty Lei's Maui-Rita
Named for my Grandmother, Leilani, whom everyone called Aunty Lei.


Pineapple ∙ Lime ∙ Lemon ∙ Li Hing Mui seed

makes 8-10 cocktails

This Maui-Rita features sweet, salty, and tart Li Hing Mui, a preserved plum seed brought to Hawaii from China over 100 years ago. Translated to mean “traveling plum”, li hing mui worked its way into local culture. As a kid, we would walk down to the Crack Seed store and choose the best-looking seeds from rows of clear glass jars.

The sweet, salty, and sour flavors pair perfectly with classic Margarita flavors. Making this local cocktail a favorite in restaurants throughout the islands thanks to the “traveling plum”.

Add Tequila + Chill 1-3 days = Enjoy

My favorite way to serve (but not the only way)

2 oz Tequila infused with Aunty Lei's 

Pour over ice

top with 3 oz lime flavored sparkling water 

squeeze a fresh lime wedge and drop it in the drink

gently stir