ʻAkikiki Pin


ʻAkikiki are a critically endangered Hawaiian honeycreeper found only in the forests of Kauaʻi. Their population has declined by 95% since 1973. This severe loss is largely due to habitat loss and invasive species. ʻAkikiki are particularly affected by avian malaria, a deadly disease spread by mosquitoes.

Though their color may be a bit drab, these birds have big personalities. ʻAkikiki exhibit a "creeping" behavior as they move up and down tree trunks and limbs, foraging for insects. Their call is sweet and short. Though they rarely sing, the 'akikiki song is a high-pitched trill that is similar to songs of a few other honeycreeper species.

Fun fact: This pin can be worn upside-down as it is reminiscent of ʻakikiki's natural foraging posture!

1.25" enamel pin with secure double-backing. 

10% of proceeds support conservation of native Hawaiian flora and fauna.