Thao “Kale‘a” Le

Hardcover, 36 pp.

What does it mean to be kind? How do we decide who deserves kindness? Venturing through the beautiful Hawai‘i rainforest, Keiki encounters Nēnē, Pueo, Kolohala, Moa, Poloka, and Pua‘a, who provide the perfect opportunity for Keiki to practice loving kindness with the magical Akahai backpack. But does Kopiana, who hurt poor Nēnē, deserve Keiki’s help?

Written by Thao “Kale‘a” Le, PhD, MPH, a professor in the Human Development and Family Studies program in the Family Consumer Sciences Department at the University of Hawai‘i Mānoa, Akahai is a creative narrative for encouraging loving kindness. Akahai is the first concept in ALOHA, as espoused by the teachings of Native Hawaiian poet and philosopher Aunty Pīlahi Pākī, otherwise known as the “Aloha Spirit Law,” HRS [§5-7.5].