A Pocket Guide to Hawaii’s Trees and Shrubs


A Pocket Guide to Hawaii’s Trees and Shrubs is the most complete guide available to both Hawaii’s native and naturalized trees, shrubs, and larger vines in the Hawaiian Islands.

Included are photos of all the species most likely to be encountered by residents and visitors alike. Small enough for a backpack, but complete enough to e a valuable bookshelf reference, this book is the perfect addition to any naturalist’s library. Although the photographs will be valuable to botanists, the text is written for the amateur. This guidebook provides a visual approach to identification, emphasizing obvious field characters that can be seen without resorting to a hand-lens. The plants are arranged by habitat so that the reader will gain a thorough overview of Hawaiian ecology and an appreciation for the uniqueness of these beautiful islands. No naturalist and nature lover in Hawaii should be without this handy reference volume.


  1. Beaches and Shorelines
  2. Lowland Dry Scrub
  3. Lowland Wet Forest
  4. Old Pastures, Weedy Fields, and Roadsides
  5. Agroforest and Secondary Rainforest
  6. Temperate Mixed Forest
  7. Native Rainforest
  8. Native Lowland Dry Forest
  9. Montane Dry Forest and Subalpine Scrub
  10. Lava Flows, Alpine Zones, and Cliff Faces

Author: H. Douglas Pratt