For the fish lovers! This charming ʻoʻopu nākea pin is sure to bring a splash of fun to any look!

ʻOʻopu nākea is a Hawaiian goby that can climb waterfalls. Yes, it’s true! These little fish have a suction cup on their belly (made of pelvic fins). They begin their lives in rocky stream beds, and then get washed out to the ocean by heavy rains. After feeding on a nutritious marine diet and growing in size, they climb the streams up mauka to return to their original stream homes. 

This pin was designed specially for Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi, who have actively been involved in the Shut Down Red Hill campaign. Their work is aimed at protecting the watershed in which ʻoʻopu nākea live. A portion of proceeds supports Sierra Club and helps them continue advocacy efforts for clean and safe water in Hawaiʻi.

1.25” gold enamel pin

Secure double backing