Milo’s Endless Drawing Pad: A Story Set in Hawaiʻi


Sheri Tamamoto

Hardcover, 30 pp. 

Milo is frustrated that his drawings don’t turn out the way he sees them in his head. His grandpa encourages him to keep drawing, but Milo has used up all the paper. 

Milo’s grandpa says he doesn’t need paper to draw. They go outside and onto the beach. Milo picks up a long, long stick and drags it behind him in the sand. 

Noticing that his stick has made a mark in the sand, Milo’s grandpa starts to draw pictures. As he finishes a drawing, a wave comes and washes it away so he can try again. 

Milo draws with his stick as well and learns that his drawings don’t have to be perfect; he just has to keep on drawing. 

This simple yet heartwarming story is for any budding artist who needs a gentle reminder that it’s the process of creating that counts and all you need is endless imagination.