All Pau with Diapers: A Potty Book for Hawaii's Kids


Holly Braffet

Boardbook, 18 pp.

Every parent has to go through the potty-training experience with their toddlers so why not make it fun and relatable for Hawaii's kids? In this simple, colorful board book, Holly Braffet gives kids a sing-song rhyme to repeat to help teach them the simple steps of using the toilet. Start reading the book to your child before potty-training begins, then leave it in the bathroom next to their potty so they can look through it while they sit on the potty. It's a great way to get them excited about this new step in their lives as they become big boys and big girls who are all pau with diapers! Holly Braffet has also illustrated If You Were a Dinosaur in Hawaii, Keala Up a Tree, Kekoa and the Egg Mystery, and Maka the Magic Music Maker.