Go Fish! Hawaii


An educational game for the whole family that takes the perennial favorite to new depths-the offshore reefs of Hawaii.

This card game is more fun than a barrel full of Humuhumunukunuku-a-pua'a. Developed by a marine biologist, Go Fish! Hawai'i takes one of the most beloved games of all time to new depths--the offshore reefs of Hawai'i. Thirteen of Hawaii's most popular fish are represented with life-like illustrations, Hawaiian, common, and scientific names and a brief description of their behavior. "Do you have any 'O 'ili 'uwi 'uwi? If that ties your tongue in knots, ask for the Fantail Filefish or the spotted fish with the pink lips and the horn on its head. (Yes, these are all real fish, just like you might encounter snorkeling in Hawai'i) Anyway you play it, it's fun, educational, and accessible for players of all ages. There are 54 poker-size cards in the deck including an instruction card and one offering a brief description of the natural history of fish in Hawaii.