Knowledge and Resources

Here are some recommended sites to start you off on your search for knowledge about our island home:
Bishop Museum, Hawaii’s State Museum of Natural and Cultural History, offers an award-winning website packed with information about new exhibits, new books from Bishop Museum Press, workshops presented by the Native Hawaiian Culture and Arts Program, a monthly calendar of events and much more.
The Polynesian Voyaging Society is a non-profit research and educational corporation. Their website features information about navigation, voyaging, canoes, education, history and culture, and ancient voyaging stories. Current events, newsletters and articles are also posted.
Hawaiian Historical Society, founded in 1892, is dedicated to preserving historical materials relating to Hawaii and the Pacific region and to publishing scholarly research on Hawaiian and Pacific history. This website provides a variety of Hawaiian historical information–from adding machines,hurricanes, the Pali Tunnel to zoos. Also, search their site for information about free HHS sponsored lectures and programs on various aspects of Hawaiian history.
Pacific Writers Connection is dedicated to increasing global awareness and healing through communication with the voices of Hawaii and the Pacific, providing the resources for a communication network that will grow and nurture vibrant writing communities. This website posts information about events sponsored by the Pacific Writers Connection.