Ua Mau Ke Ea Sovereignty Endures - A Film by Kauʻi Sai-Dudoit


It’s about sharing stories – come and walk with us through the historical plateaus of the Hawaiian Islands. Let UA MAU KE EA take you on a fascinating journey through the history of Hawaiʻi as stories are shared and key events are examined that shaped Polynesia’s first nation state.

“If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development.” – Aristotle.

Sharing stories – Inspiring Hope. To reconcile the past to the present, so together, as a Hawaii Community, we can build a better future. UA MAU KE EA – Sovereignty Endures, a film by Kauʻi Sai-Dudoit, produced by Pūʻā Foundation premiered at the 2012 Hawaiʻi Film Festival.

This is the Theatrical version. The Foundation has developed the UA MAU KE EA Collection, a textbook, historical documentary and this theatrical version as community educational resources. The Collection is offered as a tool to support community learning for families, students, teachers, pastors, lay people, business professionals, counselors, kamaʻaina, malihini, anyone. Facing future – Ka Wa Mahope – learning from our ancestors, our aliʻi, those of the past who have dealt with adversity and have overcome, provides inspirational examples of positive change today.