Hanau Ka Ua: Hawaiian Rain Names


Collette Leimomi Akana with Kiele Gonzalez

Hardcover, 328 pp.

Hawaiian rains don’t simply fall. They stomp, strut, whirl, fight, weep, tease, kiss, speak, and even string lei. With such personality and vivacity, Hawaiian rains are intriguing and worth getting to know.

There’s the Kīpuʻupuʻu rain of Waimea that bites the skin and pierces the eyes, so ready your protective gear when in Waimea. The good-natured Hāʻao rain, on the other hand, roars with laughter at Waipuhia and would make a great audience to practice your jokes on. You can get sensual with the ʻĀpuakea rain that romances at Mololani, tiptoe with the Līlīlehua rain that steals off to Lēʻahi, or dine with the ʻAwa rain of Kiloi that feeds the heavens.