Cosmic Naupaka Pin Set


Naupaka Pin Set // Naupaka Kahakai + Naupaka Kuahiwi

A charm for lovers: whether you are near, or far, you will always be connected to each other.

The Legend of Naupaka:

There are many versions to this story but all tell the tale of two star-crossed lovers who were forced to separate against their will. One is fated to remain in the mountains (Naupaka Kuahiwi) while the other is destined for the oceanside (Naupaka Kahakai). The lost lovers are represented by the Naupaka flower which are iconically recognized as half formed blossoms, though botanically they are fully formed.

Legend has it they await reunion: the day a Naupaka Kahakai blossom is paired with its other half, Naupaka Kuahiwi.

* Sets are sold as three options, please leave me a note at checkout if you want a non-tradition pairing (options 2 & 3)

  1. Kahakai + Kuahiwi (traditional)

  2. Kahakai + Kahakai

  3. Kuahiwi + Kuahiwi

⁂ Details ⁂

∙ Set of two 1" Hard enamel pins

∙ Shiny gold finish, white, purple, and shades of green.

∙ Double-post pin back

∙ Black rubber backers or upgrade to *Deluxe Gold locking clasps

∙ Logo backstamp

∙ Fully Illustrated double-sided backing card

∙ Original Illustration by Chloé Selarque

* The backing card reflects both species of Naupaka illustrated in the traditional pin set. “Same blossom” sets do not use different cards. Depending on the version of the legend, Kuahiwi represents the “man/male/kane” and Kahakai represents the “woman/female/wahine”. There are versions of the legend where the opposite is true. I believe love is love, beyond gender/sex identities. That is why you may purchase any combination of blossoms feels right for you and your love.