2024 Hawaiian Fishing & Farming Moon Calendar


The 2023-24 Hawaiian Moon Calendar was inspired and created by the late Aunty Bobbee Mills-Diaz. Edited, updated and enhanced by Kalei Nuʻuhiwa. This provides users with lunar information about the upcoming year including moon phases and recommendations for planting and fishing. Traditionally, the Hawaiian calendar year starts with Makahiki, a time when ancient Hawaiians allowed the land to rest knowing the stormy season was ahead. The start of Makahiki season was signaled by the rise of Makaliʻi (the constellation Pleiades) at sunset.

The science of the moon: The moon fully orbits the Earth every 29.5 days and is constantly changing. On the PKHCC Hawaiian Moon Calendar, about five to six times throughout the year two phases will occur on a single solar calendar day. Therefore certain solar calendar days within our PKHCC lunar calendar show as duplicate dates so that you can easily track when those changes occur. The upcoming PKHCC Hawaiian Moon 2024 calendar shows five “double days”.