Waimea: Uprising


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Publisher: Go-Go House
Author: Gordy Grundy
Pages: 356 pages; 122,300 words
Softback; 6” x 9” x 3/4”
ISBN-13: 978-1-7324295-0-5
Audiences: All; PG-13

“Waimea: Uprising” is much fun. Synopsis:
Strange things are happening! Silicon Valley refugees have invaded a Hawaii high-tech hippie cult with dreams of revolution and a new island utopia.
In this fast and ferocious tale of mystery, romance and thrills, Hollywood’s go-to guy in Hawaii, Henry “Waimea” Ward, must puzzle the pieces to find a missing girl and save the island, and the women in his life, from destruction. His teenage goddaughter is a force of nature. His actress girlfriend has island fever, while the embers of his first love are starting to burn again.
Waimea: Uprising is the gung-ho debut to this fresh new series.


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