Ua Mau Ke Ea: Sovereignty Endures


By David Keanu Sai, Ph.D.

Pūʻā Foundation
Softcover 156 pp.

Ua Mau Ke Ea takes the reader on a journey from eighteenth century Hawai`i under the rule of King Kamehameha I, through the nineteenth century of the Hawaiian Kingdom, and up to the twenty-first century of occupation. The book offers a political science perspective on the repercussions of the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom government on January 17, 1893, and the impact of two executive agreements entered into between Queen Lili`uokalani and President Grover Cleveland that still resonate in Hawai`i’s society today. Grounded in recognized legal and political theory, Dr. Sai covers critical events surrounding this defining period in Hawai`i’s history, including the cession of the Kingdom of Hawai`i to Great Britain by Kamehameha I, introduction of Christianity, international recognition of Hawaiian sovereignty, government reform, the 1887 revolt, United States intervention and ultimately the prolonged occupation of the Hawaiian Islands.

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