TROPIC Issue Two


Published by Tropic Editions.

134 pages
7 x 9 inches
Edition of 500
ISSN 2638-518X
ISBN 978-1-7325890-3-2

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Issue 2 seeks to decolonize, deconstruct, and reimagine the Filipinx diaspora by posing a series of questions about what it means to identify as, and to be, a contemporary citizen in an age of movement and dispersion. Rather than speaking to national identity, the editorials present complex, entangled, multi-generational stories of place. More than half of our contributors are from Hawaiʻi, but they are located all over the world.

Contributors: Catalina Africa Espinosa, Calla Camero, Azuré Keahi, Leah Danze, gentofish, Jasmine Grace Wenzel, Taissa Fromme, Rebecca Maria Goldschmidt, Jourdan Simmonds, Myka Arnado, Kristoffer Ardeña, Chris Fussner, Vincent Bercasio, Reise Kochi, Risa Hoshino, Lise-Michelle, Nakeʻu Awai, Jarrod Caranto, Sonny Ganaden, Philip Rasca, Michael Valiquette, Yiyi Mendoza

Issue 2 has been generously supported by Puʻuhonua Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating opportunities for Native Hawaiian and Hawaii-based artists and cultural practitioners to express themselves in their chosen medium.