The Hawaiian Survival Handbook by Brother Noland


Watermark Publishing
Brother Noland
Hardcover, 164 pp.

Maybe you’ll never have to fight off a wild pig or find water in the wild. Maybe you’ll never need to survive Hawaii’s tropical jungle and shoreline. But you never know. The Hawaiian Survival Handbook is a just-in-case bush guide for when things go wrong—from flash floods to shark attacks, from rip tides to box jellyfish.

Celebrated Hawaiian musician Brother Noland sees music as just one way to connect with his heritage and the ‘aina. A steward of the land and Hawaiian culture, Noland is also a dedicated tracker. “We are and have always been hunters, trackers, and fishermen,” he says. In The Hawaiian Survival Handbook, he shares the outdoor skills he has developed over a lifetime spent in Hawaii’s forests and waters. These essential tips and tricks will prove handy for the casual day-hiker, intrepid seashore adventurer and hardcore overnight camper alike.

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Among the more than 40 survival techniques and outdoor skills included in the Handbook:

How to Avoid a Shark Attack
How to Survive a Rip Tide or Undertow
How to Forage Hawaii’s Shoreline
How to Use a Throw Net
How to Read the Island Weather
How to Build or Find an Overnight Shelter
How to Make Fire
How to Wayfind in the Forest
How to Use the Moon
How to Make Use of Native Plants
How to Develop the Eye of the Tracker
How to Avoid a Wild Pig Attack

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