Taro Mauka to Makai


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College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

Second edition – revised and expanded

Taro (Colocasia esculenta, kalo in Hawaiian) has always been an important food crop for the Hawaiian people and has a special place within the culture of Hawai’i. This book provides detailed information on growing taro, under both non-flooded and flooded conditions, in locations ranging from backyard gardens to commercial fields or lo’i. The information provided stresses a best-practices approach to minimize risk of reduced crop yield or quality. In combining the knowledge and experience of many people, this guide illustrates the potential success that can result when agricultural researchers, extension personnel, and growers work together.

Since the first edition of Taro, Mauka to Makai
was published, in 1997, interest in growing taro has increased, but so have the impacts of pests and diseases. This revised edition contains much new material to help growers overcome production problems and produce sustainable yields.

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