Student Atlas of Hawaii (Hawaiian Language Edition)


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Bess Press
James O. Juvik, Tom Paradise, Sonia P. Juvik
Softcover, 48 pp.

No more is Hawaiʻi in the corner of the map off the California coast! ʻAlala Crow and Mo’o Gecko teach young learners essential map skills while sharing information about Hawai’i’s natural environment and place in the global village. From the authors of the award-winning, authoritative reference book, Atlas of Hawai’i, this colorful, user-friendly atlas asks students:

* How are flat maps made from globes?
* What does map scale mean?
* How do maps show different features?
* How do maps show mountains?
* Why do geographers use maps?
* Where are we?
* Why does Hawai’i have different kinds of islands?
* Why are some places wet and other places dry?
* What are natural disasters?
* Where are different ecosystems found?
* Where did native plants and animals come from?
* Which plants and animals did people bring here?
* Where did the people of Hawai’i come from?
* Where do people live?
* Why are some land and water areas protected?
* What do farmers grow?
* Where do things we use come from?
* Why do so many tourists come to Hawai’i?