Runners Guide to Oʻahu


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University of Hawaiʻi Press
Richard W. Varley
Softcover, 172 pp.

Looking for a flat, scenic route to train for your first (or next) 10K? Or a runner friendly neighborhood with enough hills for a challenging workout? Or a safe, well maintained dirt trail to give your tired knees a rest?

If you are a resident or visiting runner, look no furthur than this handy, easy to use guide for answers to these and many other questions on where to run on Oahu. Tested and compiled by runners for runners, this guide provides maps and course details for thirty six road and trail runs, each chosen for its accessibility and amenities, including available parking, water fountains, and public rest rooms. Runners (and walkers) of all levels will find a variety of routes clearly described-many featuring attractive views from start to finish. The book identifies short, medium, and long runs as well as specialty routes for hill training and speed work in each geographical region of Oahu. Beach access is also noted for those who combine their running with water activities.

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