Ruling Chiefs of Hawaii (SC)


Samuel Manaiakalani Kamakau

Kamehameha Publishing
Softcover 527 pages

Ruling Chiefs of Hawaii, is only one of four edited volumes of Kamakau’s extensive writings translated into English. The excerpts presented in Ruling Chiefs focus on the political history of our people. From the time of ʻUmi, who was eight generations before Kamehameha the Great, until the time of Kamehameha III in the 1840s, Kamakau reveals the role of Aliʻi Nui and kaukau aliʻi in shaping our Lāhui, or nation. He also tells us of the coming of foreigners to our islands and of the strange diseases and other problems for which we had no ancestral answers. He tells us of that time of turmoil through which one great chief, Kamehameha, guided us in dignity and strength. He presents the life of Kamehameha so that all Hawaiians who follow him in time might share in the wisdom of that great man.

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Eighteenth-century Hawaiian historian Samuel Manaiakalani Kamakau traces Hawai`i’s history from `Umi, high chief eight generations before Kamehameha I, to the death of Kamehameha III in 1854. This volume covers the arrival of Captain James Cook, the consolidation of the Hawaiian kingdom by Kamehameha I, the coming of the missionaries, and the changes affecting the kingdom through the reign of Kamehameha III.

This history was originally written by Kamakau in Hawaiian as a series of newspaper articles in the 1860s and 1870s. The English translation was by a team of esteemed Hawaiian scholars: Mary Kawena Pukui, Thomas G. Thrum, Lahilahi Webb, Emma Davidson Taylor, and John Wise and first published in 1961.

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