Remembering Pearl Harbor: The Story of the USS Arizona Memorial


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Arizona Memorial Museum Association
Michael Slackman
Hardcover, 120p.

The USS Arizona Memorial was dedicated in the warm sunshine of Memorial Day 1962. As the waters of Pearl Harbor lapped gently against the rusted hulk of the sunken battleship, reflected sunlight played over the freshly painted, white surfaces of the recently constructed Memorial. White Navy uniforms dominated the dress of the 200 guests invited to the Memorial and those on nearby Ford Island. A public address system carried the speeches of Naval officials and other dignitaries as they recalled the attack on Pearl Harbor, the men who lost their lives there, and expressed their hopes for future peace. A prayer from the chaplain and a brand rendition of the Navy Hymn was followed by the haunting notes of taps. A volley of rifle fire by the Marine honor guard provided the final punctuation.

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