Pūkoko: A Hawaiian in the American Civil War


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Wayne Moniz
Wayne Moniz
Softcover, 254 pp.

Hawaiians fought in the American Civil War? Maui-born author/playwright, Wayne Moniz, set out on a quest to write his first novel and answer the question. Pukoko: A Hawaiian in the American Civil War traces the life of Mo`ikeha from childhood to manhood to accomplished sailor and naval war hero. Despite Hawaii’s declaration of neutrality, over one hundred men from Hawai`i, embodied in the character of Mo`ikeha, were caught up in the bloody current of history, some surviving the ordeal, some receiving their pihi pukoko or red badge of courage, and some never returning to the Rose of the Chiefs – their beloved homeland, Hawai`i. Come along on a journey of love and adventure between 1843-1865 with a keiki o Maui and his stops in San Francisco, Mexico, New Orleans, Vicksburg, Richmond, New York, and New Bedford.

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