Pohaku: The Art and Architecture of Stonework in Hawaii



Editions Ltd.
Authors: David Cheever & Scott Cheever
Hard cover; 171 ppg

This is a book for everyone who stops and admires a stone building or structure whether it is a church, residence, bridge or school building. Pausing, the viewer may wonder: who built it, why, and perhaps, how did they build it?
Pöhaku is a collection of about 100 pöhaku (stone) structures in Hawai’i. More than 50 essayists: leading architects, journalists, historians, archivists and those who simply love stone architecture tell their story.
Before the stone retaining wall at Makapu’u Point was built Waimanalo sugar went to Honolulu by ship. Four stone school buildings were built from the same lava flow in Manoa.
Kamehameha I led 20,000 men who passed stones hand-to-hand to build the Pu’ukohola Heiau at Kawaihae.

Color photographs by Doug Peebles, one of Hawai’i’s premier photographers
Selected black and white photos from various archives

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