Plantation Child and Other Stories


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University of Hawaii Press
Author: Kiehm, Eve Begley / Pratt
Format: Hardcover; 80 pages

These vividly told tales of plantation life from decades past center around the lives of Marita Kim and her four younger brothers and sisters. The children experience many hardships growing up motherless and poor in a Korean camp in Hawai`i, but their stories are full of fun and adventure. In “Joe and the White Dog”, Joe takes Little Sister exploring and loses her. . . until a mysterious white haired women and her friendly dog appear to help. In “The Little People,” fearless six year old Puni searches for menehune to grant her wish for a new doll. The stories also provide a poignant look at the family’s daily struggles. In “Plantation Child” we see, through the eyes of Marita, the sacrifices made to pay for a pair of new shoes, the need for thrift and hard work to make ends meet. In “The Pineapple Cannery” we share in Marita’s excitement as she begins a new life working in Honolulu. The last story, “Abuji,” is a tender portrait of the long widowed father, reminiscing about his youth and his return journey to Korea.

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