Picture Bride: A Novel


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Watermark Publishing
Mike Malaghan
Softcover, 536 pp.

Woman of Silk and Steel: A Family Saga of Hawaii’s Japanese Immigrants

From the moment we meet Haru, we fall in love with this proud girl of silk and steel. To escape being sold into prostitution in turn-of-the-century Japan, Haru takes refuge in a Buddhist temple, but happiness there is fleeting. Betrayed by her best friend, she flees to Hawaii, a strange new world where the young picture bride finds herself with a husband who doesn’t want her, and surrounded by a widespread distrust of Japanese immigrants. As Haru’s marriage flourishes then falters, she emerges as a strong-minded community leader. Having once pledged to produce sons to fight for the emperor, she dedi- cates herself to raising American children loyal to the Stars and Stripes. From the shrines of Kyushu to the shores of Ter- ritorial Hawaii, Picture Bride is the sweeping saga of Japanese immigrants who survived—and thrived—against great odds.

Following a decades-long career as a businessman in Asia, Mike Malaghan turned his passion for history into writing. He and his wife, Tomoko, live in Hawaii.

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